Prolonging The Life Of You Vehicle's New Set Of Tires

If you recently purchased a new set of tires for your vehicle, you are most likely enjoying the smooth ride you experience each time you take it on the open road. Maintaining your set of tires will increase its life, making this smooth ride last for a long while. Here are some tips you can take in caring for your investment so your tires do not deteriorate prematurely.

Bring Your Vehicle To A Tire Shop Regularly

It is important to take the time to have your tires inspected by the service that placed them on your vehicle for you. At this time they will do a tire rotation session, which will help your tires wear evenly instead of placing the bulk of your vehicle's weight on the same portions of the rubber for many months. They will also do a check of the tires to make sure the tread is not wearing, and will make recommendations on when new tires will be needed depending on the way they wear over time. 

Drive With Your Tires In Mind

When you head out on the highway, refrain from "peeling out" or making jerky or erratic movements with your vehicle. This will ensure the rubber will remain intact for as long as possible. Take the time to think out your driving actions so you are not making last minute movements to move out of the way of another vehicle or the possibility in hitting a stationery object. Using this approach will increase your reaction time, giving you the chance to shift your vehicle to another position without putting your tires at risk for damage as a result.

Do Inspections Yourself To Look For Flaws

Take a look at your tires each week to see if there are any portions that appear to be wearing. If the tread looks smooth in a spot or two upon a tire, a trip to the tire service will be needed to evaluate the tire structure. If you see metal threads intertwined with the rubber on a tire's tread, this usually signifies the need for a swap with a new tire. 

Keep Your Tires At The Right Air Pressure

It is important to keep your tires inflated to the correct pressure. This information will be listed in your vehicle's handbook or on the tires themselves. Failing to keep tires at the right pressure can cause them to wear quicker. Over-filling tires could lead to a blow-out should you drive over something sharp. Keeping tires under-inflated will allow more of the tread to hit the road at one time. This will put more weight upon the rubber, putting them at risk for wearing quicker. 

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