Tips For Optimal Wheel & Alignment Performance

For many people, alignment is overlooked when it comes to taking care of a car. While you might spend time taking care of oil changes and other necessary maintenance, you may not notice alignment issues. 

Do you want to make sure that your wheel alignment is helping your car perform optimally? These tips will help you get the most out of your car.

Know How to Spot the Signs of Vehicle Misalignment

One of the first things that you need to do is know how to spot the signs that your vehicle might be out of alignment. Some of the most common signs include the car pulling to one side or the steering wheel vibrating. You may notice that if you lift your hands from the wheel, your car wants to veer in one direction or the other.

Look at Your Tires

Uneven tires, including wear and tear on specific parts of the tire, can indicate alignment issues. Look for signs that one side of your vehicle has more wear than the other by examining your front tires.

Consider how often you replace your tires as well. If you feel like you've had to replace your tires too frequently, there could be an underlying issue with your alignment. A professional can provide guidance about the extent of the problem.

Make Sure You Are Driving Efficiently

Bad alignment can lead to bad gas mileage. In addition to making sure that you're getting regular tune-ups, you should also be checking your car's consistency in this area. If you used to get closer to 32 miles to the gallon but now you are getting 25 miles per gallon at best, alignment issues could be to blame.

Work on Accurate Steering

Did you know that hitting a curb could throw off your car's alignment? The less often you hit curbs and other objects, the better your alignment is going to be. If you are prone to hitting curbs, it might be a good idea to improve your parallel parking skills.

In addition to hitting curbs, potholes can also cause alignment issues. If you live in an area with a lot of potholes, be sure to drive slowly and carefully to avoid them and avoid misalignment.

Get Regular Wheel Alignment Services

Even if you do not spot the signs of misalignment, it is crucial that you get regular alignment services. A mechanic will help you determine if your vehicle needs to be aligned or if there is another issue at play.