3 Signs Your Car's Tires Need Immediate Replacement

If you have noticed that your car feels different while driving it, like feeling every bump or rough patch in the road, your tires may be worn out and damaged. If you suspect this could be the case, look for the following three signs that your vehicle's tires need immediate replacement.

The Tread Is Almost Nonexistent

When your tires were new, the tread on them was deep, allowing them to fully grip the road even in rainy or snowy weather. However, over time, the heat of the road starts to break down the rubber, wearing down the tread and smoothing out the surface.

When the tread has multiple smooth spots, the tire is no longer able to grip the road. This increases your chances of sliding and having an accident. If the tread on one or more of your tires is almost nonexistent, you should see about having them replaced as soon as possible.

You See a Bulge in the Wall of the Tire

While looking at the tread on your tires, also examine the side walls. They should be even, with maybe a slight bulge towards the bottom where the tire makes contact with the pavement.

However, if you see a large bulge or bubble any place else on one of the tires, this means the metal strips inside the walls have broken, stretching and damaging the rubber. If the tire is not replaced, the constant pressure on the area while driving can lead to a blowout while you are traveling down the road.

Metal Strips Are Showing Through

While inspecting the entire exterior of your tires, look for any small metal strips that are either showing or poking through the rubber. If you see this, the tires have become so worn that the bands inside are starting to surface. 

If you do see any metal bands, do not drive your vehicle until you replace the tire because the tire is no longer safe. The metal bands are the primary infrastructure of the tires, with only air beneath them. If one band pokes through completely, you risk having the tire go flat or blowout while you are driving on the road. 

If you notice any of the above on one or more of your car's tires, they should be replaced as soon as possible. You may want to contact a tire shop for assistance in selecting the appropriate tires for your vehicle that will best serve your individual needs.