3 BIG Reasons Tire Maintenance Is A Crucial Point Of Semi Truck Operation

Most drivers see the tires of their vehicle as a basic operational component, but as the owner or operator of a semi truck, the tires are far more than that. The tires are what will offer support for the truck and the weight it is carrying. Semi truck drivers often disregard the importance of how well their tires are maintained and this action can have dire consequences. The fact is, one of the single most important things you can do as the driver of a semi is to get to know more about tire maintenance. Here is a quick look at three of the biggest reasons why that is the case. 

Bad tires on a semi can lead to major accidents where you are at fault. 

Having a sudden blowout when you are driving a semi truck hauling thousands of pounds in a trailer behind you is one of those things that can easily throw you into an uncontrollable accident. Unfortunately, if you have an accident with your semi because a tire blows, not only is this dangerous, but you could be considered liable for the damages because of the fact the tires were not properly maintained. 

One bad tire on a semi can put undue strain on the rest of the tires and the truck. 

There is a good reason why semi trucks have more wheels than the average passenger vehicle. These extra tires are needed to support the heavy weight of the truck and whatever it may be pulling but also are there as an added layer of protection. If one tire goes out, the others can support the weight of the load. However, this is not a long-term solution to a bad tire. Having one wheel or tire off balance, low, or damaged can put strain on the rest of the tires, which can cause them to fail much sooner. 

Not maintaining tires can have time-costing consequences. 

If there is one thing you must check at every stop while driving a semi on a long haul, it is the tires. Having issues with your tires on the road is a good way to ensure delivery and retrieval times are longer than necessary because you have to stop for tire replacement and repairs at a service center. It is a good rule of measure to inspect your tires or take your truck to a semi truck tire service before you pick up every load or set out on a trip.