Eye-Catching Rohanna Wheels: What Really Makes Them Stand Out

Rohanna wheels are a brand of wheel rims toward which some drivers gravitate. There are as many reasons for this as there are drivers. However, the most common reason is that drivers want their wheels to really stand out. Here are some features of these wheels that make them really pop and make your car look more unique.

Split Five-Spoke Design

There are two variations on this theme. The split five-spoke design that starts as a single spoke and splits halfway down to create a fork makes your wheels look like they have robotic spiders emerging from the centers of your wheels. The other variation of a split five-spoke design creates five forked sets of spokes that split almost immediately from the center. If you do not like the classic ten-spoke design or the other version of the split five-spoke, this version is a compromise between the other two designs.

Red and Gold Chrome Finish

Black wheels, titanium wheels, steel gray wheels--these are all the typical colors you would see. However, highly-polished red and gold chrome wheels/rims definitely are not the norm. The gold ones look good on red, black and white cars. The red ones look nice on just about any color of car except yellow, unless the yellow car has red flames along its sides. If you are unsure which color to pick, you could always put red wheels on the front tires and gold on the back, or vice versa.


Most drivers are not thinking about "concavity" when they select fancy new wheels. Yet, concavity can add extra depth to the appearance of the wheels. The rims are of varying heights/thicknesses which allow the spokes to "sink" into the center of each wheel/rim. This may also contribute to better air flow around your vehicle because the wind is not resisting convex spokes or a convex center cap. As long as the wheels/rims can fit on your vehicle, you can choose any one of three concave models.

Matching or Contrasting Center Caps

Your center caps keep the lug nuts and center of the wheel hidden from view. Most people tend to choose matching caps (i.e., the caps match the color of the wheels/rims you purchased).  However, you can choose caps that are a contrasting color, since these are often purchased separately anyway. The contrasting colors really draw the viewers' eyes into the centers of every wheel, creating a focal point as you drive down the street.

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